What are some cute twin names?

Popular Name Combinations

  • Abigail, Emily.
  • Abigail, Emma.
  • Abigail, Isabella.
  • Abigail, Lillian.
  • Abigail, Olivia.
  • Anna, Emma.
  • Ava, Ella.
  • Ava, Emma.

How old are the Broderick twins?

But at home, she’s not Carrie Bradshaw; she’s the mom of three kids—18-year-old James and 12-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta—with her husband of 24 years, Matthew Broderick.

Are Tabitha and Marion Broderick twins?

Image: AP Images. Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick is one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s two daughters with Matthew Broderick. Marion—and her fraternal twin sister, Tabitha Hodge Broderick—was born on June 22, 2009 via a surrogate in Ohio.

What are the names of Sarah Jessica Parker’s children?

James Wilkie Broderick
Tabitha Hodge BroderickMarion Loretta Elwell Broderick
Sarah Jessica Parker/Children

Does Sarah Jessica Parker have naturally curly hair?

“Jessica’s hair is naturally very curly so even when I’m curling it, I straighten out most of it first and then add in different kinds of textures,” hairstylist Mandy Lyons said. She created many of the memorable looks we see on the Sex and the City show and in the films.

Did Sarah Jessica Parker have her mole removed?

“I had a mole removed,” she told Dave, revealing that her brother-in-law, a plastic surgeon, performed the procedure when she had a few days that wouldn’t be subject to a camera’s scrutiny. “I didn’t object to it. I just didn’t care for it.”

Is SJP hair naturally curly?

In an interview with Fashionista in June 2013, SJP’s personal hairstylist Mandy Lyons confirmed that the Footloose actress has naturally curly hair.

What is the prettiest boy name?

Good Boy Names for Your Beautiful Baby

Andrew Manly and powerful Greek
Beau Handsome French
Bellamy Handsome friend French
Benjamin A favorite son Hebrew
Bennett Blessed English