What are Smith College students like?

Smith students are driven, academically-focused, liberal, and involved in the world around them. On weekends, students generally have movie parties with their friends, explore Northampton, do homework, hang out with friends, and go to the local colleges. It is not a commuter college where people go home on weekends.

How many students does Smith have?

Smith College has a total undergraduate enrollment of 2,183 (fall 2020), with a gender distribution of 0% male students and 100% female students.

Is Smith College an elite school?

Smith College is known for being a part of the Seven Sisters and one of the most elite liberal arts colleges for women in the US. It’s a moderately selective school with a 32.5% acceptance rate. Some of its most popular majors are Economics, Political Science, and English Language and Literature.

Is Smith College Ivy League?

They were created to provide women with the educational equivalent to the (traditionally male) Ivy League colleges….Timeline.

Institution Smith College
Location Northampton, Massachusetts
Present-day institution type Private women’s liberal arts college
First admitted students 1875
College chartered 1871

What GPA do you need to get into Smith College?

With a GPA of 3.84, Smith College requires you to be near the top of your class, and well above average. Your transcript should show mostly A’s. Ideally, you will also have taken several AP or IB classes to show that you can handle academics at a college level.

Is Smith College a party school?

Smith is definitely not a party school, and most girls who really party go off campus to Amherst or UMASS. House community is incredible and most people’s closest friends come from their houses.

What is the sister school of Harvard?

The Seven Sister Schools

Institution Location Full-time enrollment
Wellesley College Wellesley, Massachusetts 2,300
Smith College Northampton, Massachusetts 2,750
Radcliffe College (originally The Harvard Annex) Cambridge, Massachusetts n/a
Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 1,229

Is Smith College all female?

In its mission and legal status, Smith is a women’s college. Smith is also a place where students are able to explore who they are in an open and respectful environment.

What is Smith College like for students with disabilities?

Smith students live by a common code of policies and procedures, but the handbook is much more. The Office of Disability Services ensures equal access and full participation across all programs and activities at Smith College.

What will the pandemic mean for Smith College students?

Beginning in 2022, Smith will eliminate loans from its undergraduate financial aid awards, replacing them with grants from the college. For Simran Sethi ’92, the pandemic is a reminder that β€œthe health of our population depends on the health of the world.”

What is the Smith College cost of attendance budget for 2019-20?

As you can see, the Smith College Cost of Attendance budget includes both fixed costs that are billed by the college and non-billed costs. We have estimated these non-billed expenses will cost approximately $2,464 for the 2019–20 academic year.

Can you raise 3100 Smith donations in 31 days for scholarships?

This month, The Smith Fund is challenging the Smith community to raise 3,100 donations in 31 days for student scholarship aid. “We have to work at this every day…We have to try and keep getting better at race relations in this country.”