What are rated A games?

AO is the highest rating in the ESRB system, and indicates that the game contains content which the ESRB believes is only suitable for those 18 and older.

How many games have an A rating?

27 games
Over the years, only 27 games have been rewarded an AO rating. Sought out by certain studios as a badge of honor, such a score substantially diminishes a project’s commercial potential.

What is an R rated game?

R18: Restricted to persons 18 years and over. R: Restricted to a particular class of people.

What games are rated AO for ps4?

This article has been expanded to include a few more titles that are just for adults, or at least were once considered as such.

  • 2 Agony.
  • 3 Playboy The Mansion: Private Party.
  • 4 Hatred.
  • 5 Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.
  • 6 Singles: Flirt Up Your Life.
  • 7 Manhunt 2 (PC Edition)
  • 8 The Punisher.
  • 9 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

What is GTA San Andreas rated?

The ESRB have rated GTA games ranging from T (Teen) to AO (Adults only), though the majority of games in the series have been given a rating of M (Mature). Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was famously re-rated following the Hot Coffee incident, where its M rating was removed and changed to AO.

How many M rated games are there?

Table 1 lists ESRB content descriptors by type and compares the 89 content descriptors assigned to the 36 video game titles in the random sample with the 353 content descriptors assigned to all 147 M-rated video game titles.

What is the rating T?

Titles rated T (Teen) have content that is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Has Nintendo made an M rated game?

It’s a strange change of pace for Rare, but one of the best decisions that they made. The Nintendo 64 had very few M-rated games, so a title like Conker’s Bad Fur Day really stands out.