What are Gastropoda characteristics?

Gastropods typically have a large foot with a flat sole for crawling, a single coiled shell that covers the soft body, and a head that bears a pair of eyes and tentacles. However, they are so diverse that some forms lack shells, while animals in one genus have shells with two halves, like bivalves.

How will you describe mollusks?

Molluscs are a clade of organisms that all have soft bodies which typically have a “head” and a “foot” region. Often their bodies are covered by a hard exoskeleton, as in the shells of snails and clams or the plates of chitons.

What are the three main parts of a mollusks?

The mollusk body can generally be divided into three regions: the head, the foot, and a cluster of internal organs called the visceral mass. The visceral mass includes many of the organs mentioned in the previous concepts such as the stomach, the heart, the nephridia, and the gonads.

What is the body plan of a mollusk?

A mollusc’s general body plan consists of a head with specialized sensory organs and a mouth containing a radula, a foot region with many adaptations such as locomotion or attachment, and a visceral mass containing a mantle that secretes the shell (in some species) and a mantle cavity that houses digestive, circulatory …

Which of the following correctly describe the characteristics of mollusk?

Mollusks are invertebrate animals with soft bodies that are often covered in hard shells. An invertebrate is an animal without a backbone. The three main parts of a mollusk’s body include a muscular foot, a visceral mass, and a mantle. The three main types of mollusks are gastropods, bivalves, and cephalopods.

Which characteristic do all mollusks have?

WHAT FEATURES DO MOLLUSKS HAVE IN COMMON? As well as a shell, most mollusks have a muscular foot for creeping or burrowing. Some also have a head with sense organs. The soft body includes lungs or gills for breathing, and digestive and reproductive parts, all enclosed by a skinlike organ called the mantle.

What are 4 characteristics of a mollusk?

Mollusca Characteristics

  • They are mostly found in marine and freshwater.
  • They exhibit organ system level of organization.
  • Their body has a cavity.
  • The body is divided into head, visceral mass, muscular foot and mantle.
  • The head comprises of tentacles and compound eyes.
  • The body is covered by a calcareous shell.

What are the four body parts of a mollusk?

The four important body parts in the mollusk could be listed as: Shell, Mantle, Visceral Mass and Foot.

What does a mollusk eat?

Feeding. Most molluscs are herbivorous, grazing on algae or filter feeders. For those grazing, two feeding strategies are predominant. Some feed on microscopic, filamentous algae, often using their radula as a ‘rake’ to comb up filaments from the sea floor.

What are the 3 body parts that are found in every mollusk in some form what is the function of each of these body parts?

Despite their diversity, mollusks share in common a three-part body plan that includes a head, a foot and a visceral mass.

  • The Head. i. The mollusk’s head region contains the brain.
  • The Foot. i. A mollusk has a “foot,” the body’s muscular section, responsible for movement.
  • Shells. i.