What are body in white components?

Body-in-white (BiW) is the name given to a car body’s sheet when all its components—barring moving parts (e.g., hoods, fenders, etc.), trims (e.g., glass, seats, etc.), or chassis subassemblies—have been welded together.

What is Tesla body in white?

Body in white (BIW) corresponds to a stage in car manufacturing wherein a vehicle’s components are fully joined together. This is done through several means, ranging from welding, riveting, clinching, and laser brazing, to name a few.

What is BIW & define its parts?

1) What is BIW & define its parts? Body in white (BIW) refers to the stage in the automobile manufacturing in which a car body’s components have been joined together, using one or a combination of different techniques: welding (spot, MIG/MAG), riveting, clinching, bonding, laser brazing etc.

What are the types of BIW?

BIW stations are classified into four types. They are, TOOLS. GRIPPERS….Types of grippers are as follows,

  • Material Handling Gripper.
  • Process Gripper.
  • Combo Gripper.
  • Dual Gripper.

What is BIW in manufacturing?

Body in white (BIW) is the stage in automobile manufacturing in which a car body’s frame has been joined together, that is before painting and before the motor, chassis sub-assemblies, or trim (glass, door locks/handles, seats, upholstery, electronics, etc.) have been integrated into the structure.

What is BIW in mechanical engineering?

Body in White (B.I.W.) refers to the welded sheet metal components which form the vehicles structure to which the other components will be married, i.e., engine, chassis, exterior and interior trim.

What is BIW Catia?

BIW can be defined as the skeleton of a vehicle. The BIW is the structural sheet metal that supports the outer panels of the vehicle and the overall shell of the vehicle.

What is the purpose of a powertrain?

A powertrain is an assembly of every component that pushes your vehicle forward. Your car’s powertrain creates power from the engine and delivers it to the wheels on the ground. The key components of a powertrain include an engine, transmission, driveshaft, axles, and differential.

What are the basic terminologies used in the BIW Fixture?


  • MYLAR : MYLAR is one kind of block that touches the panel and holds or clamps the panel.
  • PIN: Pins are used to locking the rotational movement of the panel.
  • BLADE : The plate which connects Riser to the Clamp cylinder is named Blade.
  • L BLOCK :
  • RISER :

What is PLP or RPS?

RPS- Reference Punkt System. Same as PLP. Location Round Pin- Pin used to location BIW sheet metal parts.Also called 4way pin. Diamond Pin- Pin having diamond shape in top view.Used to restrict only 2 direction.Mostly referred as 2 way pin.

What is a Geo Weld?

Geo Welding Kits are used to easily repair leaks or damaged sections in Landfills, Reservoirs, Vapor Barriers, Ponds, Lakes, Agricultural Ditches and Tunnels.

What is stamping in BIW?

Stamping is the most common method of producing metal parts in the automotive industry because of its high production rate and low cost. Stamping die design is the preliminary phase in stamping tool and die making and is carried out as soon as the component design is finished.