What are apportioned plates in Illinois?

What is an Apportioned Registration? Apportionment is required for vehicles operating in two or more IRPmember jurisdictions that have a combined gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds, including the weight of the vehicle and the maximum load; or is a power unit having three or more axles, regardless of weight.

What is a commercial vehicle in Illinois?

“Commercial motor vehicle” means any self propelled or towed vehicle used on public highways in interstate and intrastate commerce to transport passengers or property when the vehicle has a gross vehicle weight, a gross vehicle weight rating, a gross combination weight, or a gross combination weight rating of 10,001 or …

How do I get commercial plates in Illinois?

Contact the nearest Secretary of State facility or call 800-252-8980 to request an application for commercial vehicle registration. This form is not available online and must be obtained through a Secretary of State facility.

What are IRP plates in Illinois?

The Office of the Secretary of State strives to ensure that the International Registration Plan (IRP) operates effectively and efficiently for those who base their registrations in Illinois. One plate and one cab card is issued to each vehicle registered.

How much are semi truck plates in Illinois?

* Vehicles 55,000 lbs. or more are required to show proof of payment of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (Form 2290 Schedule 1)….Farm Registration.

Gross Weight of Vehicle and Load Class Fee
20,001-24,000 lbs. VH $390
24,001-28,000 lbs. VJ $478
28,001-32,000 lbs. VK $606
32,001-36,000 lbs. VL $710

What does FP mean on Illinois license plates?

Illinois Fraternal Order of Police
Vehicles > License Plate Guide > Illinois Fraternal Order of Police License Plates.

Who needs a DOT number in Illinois?

Getting a DOT IL Number applies to more than a standard eighteen wheeler truck. Most pickup trucks, vans, and vehicles pulling trailers also need the number OP-1 Form. (As long as the GVWR exceeds 10,000 pounds.) Even having a GCWR over 10,000 pounds means that you need a DOT IIL Number.

How do I get plates for my semi truck in Illinois?

SHV Permits may be purchased at the Commercial and Farm Truck Division office in Springfield and at select Secretary of State facilities. SHV Permits may be purchased for Apportioned Plates at the time of renewal by clicking the box marked SHV, or the IRP web supplement. Fees will be included on your renewal invoice.

How much does it cost to register a commercial vehicle in Illinois?

Mileage Tax Registration

Gross Weight of Vehicle and Load Class Fee
12,001-16,000 lbs. MF $230
16,001-20,000 lbs. MG $290
20,001-24,000 lbs. MH $345
24,001-28,000 lbs. MJ $425

What are B-truck plates Illinois?

B-truck license plates are issued to Second Division vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or less. B-truck license plates have blue characters on a white background. *For any electric vehicle that would like a B-truck license plate on their vehicle there will be an additional $100 surcharge to the registration.

What does DD mean on Illinois license plate?

DD is an abbreviation for Document Discriminator. A number of states started adding this piece of information to their driver’s licenses several years ago. The DD is a security code that identifies where and when the license was issued.