What are 5 physical properties of plutonium?

Physical, Nuclear, and Chemical Properties of Plutonium

Color: silver
Melting point: 641 deg. C
Boiling point: 3232 deg. C
Density: 16 to 20 grams/cubic centimeter

What are 3 physical properties of polonium?

Polonium is a radioactive, extremely rare semi-metal. It is reactive, silvery-gray, it dissolves in dilute acids, but it is only slightly soluble in alkalis. it is fairly volatile: about half of a sample of it will evaporate within 3 days (unless it is kept in a sealed container).

What are 3 facts about plutonium?

Plutonium is named for the dwarf planet Pluto. Plutonium is not a good conductor of electricity or heat, unlike some metals. The alpha form of plutonium is hard and brittle, while the delta form is soft and ductile. Plutonium occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust in uranium ores, but it is very rare.

What are physical properties of plutonium?


atomic number 94
melting point 639.5 °C (1,183.1 °F)
boiling point 3,235 °C (5,855 °F)
specific gravity (alpha) 19.84 (25 °C)
oxidation states +3, +4, +5, +6

What are characteristics of plutonium?

Characteristics: Plutonium is a silvery radioactive metal that tarnishes in air to give a yellow oxide coating. It has six allotropic forms, which vary widely in crystal structure and density. The metal is chemically reactive, forming compounds with carbon, nitrogen, and silicon and the halogens.

What are physical properties of polonium?


atomic number 84
melting point 254 °C (489 °F)
boiling point 962 °C (1,764 °F)
density 9.4 g/cm3
oxidation states −2, +2, +3(?), +4, +6

What are the physical characteristics of polonium?

Characteristics: Polonium is a rare, silvery-gray, radioactive, low-melting metalloid. Polonium readily reacts with dilute acids, but only slightly with alkalis. All of its isotopes are radioactive.

What are some characteristics of plutonium?

What are 3 uses of plutonium?

energy. Plutonium has been used to make nuclear weapons (such as “atomic bombs”) and in nuclear power plants to produce electricity. Plutonium has also been used as a portable energy supply in space probes and other space vehicles.

Is plutonium solid liquid or gas?

Plutonium is a chemical element with symbol Pu and atomic number 94. Classified as an actinide, Plutonium is a solid at room temperature.

What are 3 uses for polonium?

[2] By taking advantage of its high radioactivity, Po-210 has been used in three predominant applications: as a static eliminator, as a heat/energy source, and as a neutron source when combined with a low atomic weight element.