What angle for scrub plane?

Much like a low-angle smooth plane, a scrub is not usually used parallel to the grain, but at an angle of 30° or more. The blade edge is much more sharply curved than on a smooth plane and it is an aggressive tool.

What makes a good scrub plane?

A smoothing plane relies on a tight throat opening next to the cutting edge to reduce tear out, but a scrub plane needs plenty of room to clear the large chips it produces. You might get lucky and determine that your plane already has a wide enough throat opening.

What is a scrubber plane?

The scrub plane is a type of plane used to remove large amounts of wood from the surface of lumber, such as when eliminating cup or twist in the first stages of preparing rough stock, or when reducing the thickness of a board significantly.

Who makes the best smoothing plane?

The Best Hand Planes of 2022

  • Veritas #4 1/2 Smoothing Plane.
  • Best Overall. WoodRiver #4 Bench Plane.
  • Best Edge Relief Planer. YOGEON Woodworking Hand Planer, 4″
  • Best for Tight Spots. Stanley 3-1/2″ Small Trimming Plane.
  • Best for Rough Lumber.
  • Best Smoothing Plane.
  • Best Overall.
  • Best Edge Relief Planer.

How do you camber a scrub plane iron?

Camber is simply an old English word for curve. In order to get a smooth exit for the sides of the iron, so that you don’t have ridges or splinters, you simply need to curve the iron slightly more than the thickest shaving you plan to make (plus more because in use the iron is tilted 45 degrees).

Are Veritas planes worth it?

Feature for feature, Veritas planes are the equal of other premium planes, but they’re significantly less expensive. Considering what you get, and the hours of tune-up labor you’ll save, they’re very reasonably priced.

What is a Stanley No 6 used for?

Sized midway between a Jack and a Jointer, the No. 6 Fore Plane is designed to further true the surface after the Jack has sized it. Its length enables it to skim off high spots as it bridges low spots, delivering a leveled surface ready for the smoothing plane. 18″ long.