What angle do you sharpen lathe chisels?

For most all gouges around 60 to 70 degrees is a good starting angle to grind, as you get more comfortable or just want a more aggressive chisel you can go below 60 degrees but be careful these things can take a lot of wood off fast and you need a lathe with some good horsepower to hog off that find of wood.

What angle do you sharpen spindle gouges?

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Tool Angle
Traditional spindle gouge (e.g. 1/2″ and 3/8″) 45º
Detail spindle gouge 35º
Low Profile Spindle Gouges 40º

What angle should a scraper be?

Some people recommend a 85° scraper bevel angle while others favor a 70 or 60° angle. The range seems to be between about 85° (the steepest) to 45° (the most extended) scraper bevel angle.

What angle is a chisel blade?

A new chisel has just one bevel, usually 25 degrees. But the tool should be sharpened at 30 degrees, which creates a new bevel.

How often do you need to sharpen lathe tools?

You should expect to sharpen your tools about once every 15 – 30 minutes if you are using the same tool and turning continuously within this time.

What is the difference between a spindle gouge and a bowl gouge?

What is the difference between a bowl gouge vs spindle gouge? The bowl gouge flute is curved with wings and designed for turning wood bowls. A spindle gouge has a more open flat flute and is best used for details and spindle turnings.

What is the difference between a spindle gouge and a detail gouge?

The main difference between the detail gouge and spindle gouge Is that the flute is ground into the the top of the bar for the detail gouge while the top 1/3 of the bar is ground off the spindle gouge then the flute is ground. For the same manufacturer the flute shapes are about the same and usually rather shallow.

How do you sharpen a dovetail scraper?

I started out making a scraper with a square edge just to see how it does. You could compare this scraper to a carbide insert scraper on a square bar. Only with this scraper all you need to do is hit it with a diamond card to sharpen or take it to the grinding and lightly touch the wheel.