What ammo does a Ruger SR9c take?

Ruger SR-Series

Ruger SR9
Cartridge 9×19mm Parabellum SR9, SR9c .40 S&W SR40, SR40c .45 ACP SR45
Action Short recoil, locked breech
Feed system detachable box magazine: 9mm: 10 or 17 rounds .40 S&W: 9 or 15 rounds .45 ACP: 10+1 rounds
Sights Iron sights

How many bullets does a Ruger SR9c hold?

What surprised us was the new cartridge with a capacity of 17 rounds. Unlike other brands that offer up to 13 bullets, with the SR9c you can enjoy a lot of shooting. Furthermore, with your purchase, you will receive two additional magazines without charge.

Is the Ruger SR9c still in production?

Is Ruger SR9 discontinued? Yes. The Ruger SR9 was discontinued for a period of time before it then became a Distributor Exclusive of Sports South, who is no longer selling it.

What does Ruger SR9c stand for?

The Ruger SR9c is a striker fired 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a 3.5″ barrel that’s based in part on Ruger’s successful SR9 design. But the SR9c (the “C” stands for compact) isn’t just an SR9 with a shorter barrel but rather an entirely new design.

Is Ruger SR9c accurate?

The SR9c fires every time, and it fires consistently. Accuracy. Most guns are more accurate than their owners. But I’ve seen some guns that just seem to be something of an experiment every time you fire, no matter how well you aim.

What magazines are compatible with Ruger SR9C?

That’s a reasonable question, that unfortunately has not been documented well by Ruger or online reviewers.

  • SR9 and Security 9 magazines will work in the PC Carbine.
  • Security 9 magazines will work in the SR9C, because the Security 9 magazine has two magazine release cuts.

What does SR stand for Ruger SR9?

Acronym. Definition. SR9. Savage Reality 9 (video driver)

Can Ruger SR9 shoot P+?

Yes you can use +P in your SR9c. Personally, I carry 147gr+P HSTs in mine. Click “Pistols”, then look under the question that asks “What type of ammunition should I use in my Ruger 9mm pistol?” about a third of the way down. Ruger says you can even use +P+.