What alliance is Delta Airlines part of?

Our SkyTeam partners (an alliance of 18 airlines serving over 175 countries and 1,150 destinations across the globe) all offer a unique suite of benefits including access to partner lounges around the world).

Who are Delta’s flight partners?

Airline Partnerships

  • Transatlantic. Air France. The French national airline offers convenient flight schedules and exceptional service; find out more about what the Delta and Air France partnership has to offer across the Atlantic.
  • Transpacific. China Eastern.
  • The Americas. Aeromexico.

Is Delta Airlines member of Star Alliance?

SkyTeam, oneworld and Star Alliance join forces to give customers confidence in travel. The three global airline alliances, SkyTeam – of which Delta is a founding member – oneworld and Star Alliance have combined forces to highlight how airlines are working to ensure customers’ wellbeing while travelling.

Is Delta partner with American Airlines?

Partner airlines Delta is an integral part of SkyTeam, so you can earn miles on a partner flight. While most American airlines are now on the fare-based system, Delta’s foreign airline partners still operate a distance-based system, awarding a percentage of SkyMiles based on number of miles flown.

Can I use my Delta miles on other airlines?

You can redeem Delta miles to fly nearly anywhere around the globe. Delta is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which means you can use your Delta miles on many partner airlines such as Air France for travel to Europe, Kenya Airways for travel to Africa, Korean Air for travel to Asia and more.

Is Delta part of flying blue?

Booking partner flights via Flying Blue. Flying Blue is often the best program to book award flights on either Delta or Virgin Atlantic. Air France, Delta, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic are part of a transatlantic joint venture, but award pricing between the programs can vary considerably.

Does Delta own JetBlue?

While both airlines have code-share partnerships with airlines all over the world, only Delta is part of a major airline alliance (SkyTeam). JetBlue remains independent.

Can you use Delta miles on United Airlines?

The straight answer is no, you can’t transfer airline miles to another airline. But you can book award flights on other airlines if they’re travel partners.

Can you transfer Delta miles to chase?

Delta Skymiles is not a transfer partner of Chase. You cannot convert Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Delta Skymiles. But you can still book a flight operated by Delta. This is possible because Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and AirFrance/KLM Flying Blue are transfer partners of Ultimate Rewards.

Can I use Flying Blue miles with Delta?

You can redeem Flying Blue miles for travel on Delta anywhere Delta flies. The rates are much more competitive than what you’ll typically find available when booking with Delta SkyMiles.

Is Delta a KLM?

Delta and KLM operate in the same terminal in Amsterdam. Special meals and other requests, opens in a new window for your journey will be accommodated when requested up to 48hs before your flight. Headquartered in Amsterdam, KLM is the world’s oldest airline operating under its original name.

Which airlines are partnered with Delta?

We partner with an assortment of airline partners on our SkyTeam Program, including Aeroplan, Air Europa, China Airlines, China Eastern, Czech Airlines, Flying Fish, Kenya Airways, Kalia Airlines, Korea Airlines, LOT Alaska, and Norwegian Air North. What Are Delta Connection Carriers?

Who are partners with Delta Airlines?

Delta Air Lines Inc.’s latest change to its in-flight offerings is sure to generate strong feelings among wine snobs. The carrier this month began stocking wine in aluminum cans — moving away from the plastic bottles it has offered previously — for

What Airlines partner with Delta Airlines?

Alliance partners. (Photo by Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock.com) Delta is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance,which comprises over a dozen airlines worldwide.

  • Other partners.
  • Earning miles with partners.
  • Redeeming miles with partners.
  • Sweet spots.
  • Searching partner award space.
  • Reciprocal elite status benefits.
  • Bottom line.
  • What hotels does Delta partner with?

    Does Delta partner with Marriott? Yes, as long as both accounts are in your name. Marriott points transfer to Delta at a 3:1 ratio. In addition, for every 60,000 Marriott points transferred, you will receive a 5,000 mile bonus.