What album is Martian Boogie on?

Brownsville StationThe Martian Boogie / Album

Where was the band Brownsville Station from?

Ann Arbor, Michigan
Brownsville Station was a 1970s hard-rock band from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The group first got together at a music store in January, 1969. The original band members were Cub Koda (guitar / vocals), Michael Lutz (guitar / vocals), T.J. Cronley (drums) and Tony Driggins (bass).

Who was the lead singer for Brownsville Station?

Brownsville Station is an American rock band from Michigan that was popular in the 1970s. Original members included Cub Koda (guitarist/vocalist), Mike Lutz (guitarist/vocalist), T.J. Cronley (drummer), and Tony Driggins (bassist/vocals).

How did Brownsville Station get its name?

Best known as a live act fired up by Koda’s onstage antics, the band’s name was chosen because it was so long that it took up most of the marquees that rock venues used in that era, thereby hogging the limelight from whoever Brownsville happened to be playing with. Brownsville Station disbanded in 1979.

What happened to the band Brownsville Station?

Original members of Brownsville Station disbanded in 1979 and their final studio album together, Air Special, was released by Epic in 1978. Cub Koda was the most visible Brownsville Station member after their break up.

Did Alice Cooper cover Smokin in the Boys Room?

Rock and Roll High School featured a number of hard-rock hits. Not surprisingly, most of the songs (11 in all) were by The Ramones. However, a number of ‘bad boy’ rock songs were also included, including Smokin’ In The Boys Room by Brownsville Station and School’s Out by Alice Cooper.

What hits did Brownsville Station have?

Brownsville Station top songs

1 Smokin’ In the Boys Room
2 Kings of the Party
3 The Martian Boogie
4 Lady (Put the Light on Me)
5 Let Your Yeah Be Yeah

How did Brownsville station get its name?

How did the band Brownsville Station get its name?

Who sang Smokin in the Boys Room?

Mötley CrüeSmokin’ In The Boys Room / Artist

Who played harmonica on Mötley Crüe Smokin in the Boys Room?

Micky Raphael
Although Vince Neil was credited with playing harmonica on Motley Crue’s breakthrough hit, it was performed by veteran Micky Raphael.

When did Mötley Crüe Release smoking in the boys room?

1989Smokin’ In The Boys Room / Released