What accessories do nerds wear?

To dress like a nerd, wear a button-up shirt tucked into a plaid skirt or slacks. If you wear pants, roll up the cuffs so you can see your socks, which is extra nerdy. Also, wear a pair of dark dress shoes or loafers. Additionally, you can accessorize like a nerd by wearing glasses, suspenders, and a bow tie.

What is school nerd day?

Having a Nerd Day at school allows students to appreciate the so-called nerds and look at them with a different perspective. This day can be celebrated using numerous adaptations. The older the students, the more they can experiment with different ideas on how to dress and play games on Nerd Day at school.

How do I look less like a nerd?


  1. Avoid over-accessorizing. Most people see nerds as wearing their interests, so keep away from big logos or clothes with images.
  2. Consider contact lenses if you wear glasses. Alternatively, choose glasses that look cool or fashionable.

How do you dress like a computer nerd?

Pair a skirt with black knee-high socks and top off with a pair of brown sandals….After all, most of the accessories you need to look like a nerd can be found in your closet, such as:

  1. High-water pants.
  2. Suspenders.
  3. Oxford shirt.
  4. Belt.
  5. Pocket protector filled with pencils and pens.
  6. Eyeglasses.
  7. Bow tie.
  8. Belt.

How can I be cool and nerdy?

A simple crew or V-neck sweater is a staple of nerdy style. It can be styled to look casual, like with jeans, or dressed up, like with dress pants or a skirt. If you don’t like sweaters, hoodies are another popular option for nerdy style. You can wear a fitted zip hoodie over a button-down and skinny pants.

What is a nerdy person?

1 : a person who is socially awkward, unattractive, or not fashionable. 2 : a person who is extremely interested in technical or intellectual subjects. Other Words from nerd. nerdy \ ˈnər-​dē \ adjective. More from Merriam-Webster on nerd.