Was Gordon Northcott a real person?

Gordon Stewart Northcott (November 9, 1906 – October 2, 1930) was a Canadian serial killer, child rapist, and child abductor who was convicted of the murders of three young boys in California and confessed to the murders of nine in total. Sentenced to death, he was executed on October 2, 1930.

Why was Wineville changed to Mira Loma?

Mira Loma was known as Wineville prior to 1930. The name was changed that year to help disassociate the community from the Wineville Chicken Coop murders.

What happened Sanford Northcott?

Northcott was convicted of killing Lewis Winslow, 12, and Nelson Winslow, 10, from Pomona as well as an unidentified Latino teen whose headless body was found in La Puente. He was hanged at San Quentin Prison in 1930.

Was Hazel Evers a real person?

Biography. Hazel Evers lived in California during the early half of the 20th century. In the 1920s, she had a young son named Albert, whom she took out for trick or treating on Halloween night. She made Albert a ghost costume, but embarrassingly admitted that she did not put a lot of care into it.

What happened to Sarah Northcott?

In 1931, her husband, Cyrus George Northcott, left California and bought a small farm in Parsonsburg, Maryland. When Sarah was paroled, she joined her husband in Maryland and spent the rest of her life on the farm in Parsonsburg. George died in April 1944; Sarah died on November 21, 1944 of chronic myocarditis.

Where is Sanford Clark now?

Sanford was sent to Whittier Boy’s School for about two years. He impressed the staff with his desire to lead a productive life upon his release — which he did. He served in WWII, worked for the Canadian Postal Service, married and had children. He died in 1991 at the age of 78.

Who is Mrs Evers?

Alfre Woodard, a highly acclaimed actress, portrayed the diverse character, Miss Evers, in a very realistic manner.