UC Browse App for All Platforms Getting BIG update –


The UC Browser has been a revolutionary force in the markets of technology, and has been a company which has helped change many trends in the world of technology as we know it to be. The Browser comes out as a major offering when it comes to the browsers, and the company has introduced many innovations and updates to the Browser which has helped take it many steps forward towards a better, secure new world. The UC Browser for Windows 10 Mobile devices has just received a major update, and the company is all set to take things to the next level.

The new and updated UC Browser app for Windows 10 Mobile OS brings:uc

  1. More Security

The browser has been made more secure than ever before. After a major bug fix which has practically made the app un-hackable, it now looks like things are all set for a major change when it comes to the UC Browser. The Windows 10 Mobile variant of the browser has now improved even more security fixes which help alert users if they are treading into a suspicious website.

  1. Faster Downloads

The application has now had several tweaks made to it, which makes it look faster and more efficient than ever before. The company has made several changes to the way the markets work, and has innovated their offerings accordingly. Microsoft has been bringing out many-a-changes in the way their devices work, and the Windows Phone devices are capable of supporting faster downloads, which has been utilized by the UC Browser in their latest update.

  1. Improved UI

The User Interface too, has been improvised here. The navigation between the tabs has been made much smoother and faster than ever before, and has been improvised in a manner which do not crash the app. There were reports that the UC browser app faced many problems of crashing in the past. However, all of that is a thing of the past and the browser has updated itself really well now for the Windows Phone users.