Swarm Intelligence Review, Scam or Intelligent Trading App?


The scam-free version of the Swarm Intelligence software by Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter has recently launched and has received the formal seal of approval of the online trading industry’s leading reviews sites. Apparently, this new trading robot has captivated the hearts and minds of many day-traders looking to make some passive income trading binary options online. It seems Swarm Tech has taken the market by storm and while many skeptics believe the binary options niche to be high risk, the people behind Swarm Intelligence were able to put together a piece of automated trading software that minimizes risks and increases profits dramatically.

A Brief Overview
While taking into account the various technological and market constraints, the Swarm Tech team headed by Francis and Porter has taken the basic concepts of mechanical, technical, and fundamental trading and developed mathematical algorithms which provide signals that are translated into automated trading contracts in the form of calls or puts. As opposed to various systems boasting a 100% success rate with guaranteed wins, this trading robot has an 83% success ratio which is very profitable, honest, and realistic.

Swarm Intelligence Software Review
Francis holds a PHD in Animal Behavior and is also an avid day trader. Together with his colleagues they figured out that the power of the crowds can be translated to binary options trading and in this context influence the decision making process more effectively to get optimal results and performance.

Unlike scam software like Gemini 2 or the Dubai Lifestyle App, the Swarm Intelligence software employs a variety of strategies which a compiled into a supercomputer and execute trades without human intervention.  In short, the level of accuracy, transparency, and profitability far surpasses 95% of what other systems can achieve these days.

Review Summary and  Conclusions
The Swarm Intelligence software by Dr. Steven Francis is scam-free trading software which is easy to use and produces outstanding results.