Information we will be sharing here is something every student needs in his or her everyday studies – the structure of compare and contrast essays.

The definition and features of compare and contrast essay

And this is going to be – text, which you compose in regards to 2 things and where you are speaking about their differences and similarities. The comparison can be written about anything – different books, types of schools, scientific approaches to the same research, etc. Most of the time the topic depends on the place or the school subjects, where you will be asked to write the essay. But it will not be just two cities – this most probably will be two science theories or two absolutely different novels. Below we will give you an example of a compare and contrast essay, which topic will be booked.

The introduction in the compare and contrast essay is similar to regular ones – it should have a Hook – engaging with a person who is reading it and introducing of both things you are speaking of. After you need to choose the structure to your essay presented below.

First of all, gather information about two things you will be writing here. After you have all your notes done and the picture of your essay appeared in your head, you just need to choose the structure suitable for you.

Block structure

We will give you an example of comparing the essay of two books. The reason why it is called a block structure is that it literally placing your text and discussing it in two blocks. Mostly it will consist of an introduction, four paragraphs of text and the conclusion. The information about two books you will put in two blocks consisting of two paragraphs each. And in the first one you will say everything you know about one book, and in the second one – everything you know about the other. You write a whole analysis of your subjects and give all the information you have about them. In regards to our subjects those can be: how do they describe their tragic heroes; what is the concept of the story here; what is similar that you find in those books.

Alternating essay structure

As all of the structures, it has an introduction and the conclusion. But then the text itself has a bit different composition. Here the test is not separated into two blocks, in one you speak of one text, and in other about the second. Here you will have a mix of theses about two texts. One by one you need to describe what you find different about one text and then what you find similar. You need four paragraphs for that as well. Remember, in this type of compare and contrast essay you will be having the same amount of paragraphs. This particular structure is a bit easier as you are putting the two things side by side and can express your ideas about them right away. It is very important for presenting proofs and all the details prepared.

Integrated structure

It is also known as point – by – point analysis. Despite the introduction and conclusion, absolutely different structure present here. In the entire plot, you will be having a discussion about text one and two. So you can see here that it gets a little bit more advanced because you have to deal with both texts simultaneously. Here you can base all four paragraphs on certain themes that overlap. And then point out the similarities and the differences of the themes, which you analyze. This is definitely a more complicated way of going about things, however, this compare and contrast essay structure offers a lot more in-depth analysis of two texts.

What you should remember about the point-by-point method is that it is crucial to mention themes in the introduction of your essay. So for example, if you speaking about the tragic hero and what was the downfall of both of them, you need to make sure that you are mentioning it in the introduction theses.

After you’ve done the structure body, you have the conclusion. In the final you would do the same thing as in all the essays – you would summaries your analysis and leave the reader with the final statement, which also can be our opinion.

So these are basics of writing compare and contrast essay. This article can be useful for both school and college students. From here you can start practising it.