Should I line my cedar chest?

Preparation Tip: Even though wool is commonly stored in cedar chest, you still should prep your chest by lining the inside with a sheet or acid free tissue paper and/or wrapping them with the tissue paper.

Are old cedar chests worth money?

Old Lane cedar chests sell from $100 to about $700 depending on the age, condition and whether the hardware is original. Most are worth about $200 to $400. Cedar chests made before 1987 have lids that automatically latch shut when closed, which poses a suffocation risk to children.

How do you refresh a cedar chest?

How to Refresh a Cedar Chest

  1. Empty all items from the cedar chest.
  2. Remove dust from the chest.
  3. Lightly sand the chest’s interior using fine-grain sandpaper.
  4. Close the chest’s lid and let it sit for a few hours.

How do you condition a cedar chest?

10 Steps for How to Maintain A Cedar Chest(s)

  1. Empty and Evaluate Your Cedar Chest. Empty your cedar chest.
  2. Make a Quick To-Do List.
  3. Vacuum.
  4. Wipe Down the Exterior.
  5. Wipe Down the interior.
  6. Conquer the Corners.
  7. Air Dry Your Cedar Chest for a Day.
  8. Sand the Interior.

Will bed bugs get in cedar chest?

Cedar wood and bug bugs don’t mix. Along with its lovely red-brown shades, strength and rustic warmth, cedar gets a boost from its natural oils that will likely give bed bugs the boot.

How long do cedar chests last?

As a rule of thumb, good cedar blocks can last for a period of 3 to 7 years.

How do you make a cedar chest smell like cedar again?

How to Recharge the Smell of a Cedar Chest

  1. Remove all items in the chest and wipe down the lining with warm water to remove dust and the surface coating of grime.
  2. Sand the wood by hand with 60-grit sandpaper.
  3. Apply a few drops of natural cedar oil to a clean cloth and rub the wood to enhance the natural aroma even more.

How do you restore cedar smell to a cedar chest?

Fortunately, cedar that has lost its scent can be restored by simply sanding the exposed wood surfaces lightly. (Likewise, a cedar sachet used in a drawer needs only to be pinched a bit to release a fresh scent from the wood shavings inside.)