Samsung Milk Music To Be Shut Down Officially From September 22


Back in the March of 2014, Samsung introduced its Milk Music service to the world. The name Milk Music is still as weird as it was two years ago. When it was first launched, the app was only available for some of the selected Samsung Galaxy devices and it also got a lot of positive reviews and praise for not having a lot of ads and being simple and easy to use. Eventually Samsung decided to expand its support to more of its devices and in the March of 2015 they also created a desktop web app.

Milk Music

In November 2015 when Samsung decided to shut down the Milk Video was the moment when the time of Milk Music started to run out. Now very unceremoniously Samsung has announced the end of the app Milk Music. The company said in an official statement in its conference room that the app will be officially discontinued on September 22. Instead the company is looking to turn their focus on seamlessly integrating the best music services available today onto the family of Galaxy devices. The very same message is also posted on the app’s page on the Play Store along with a note to the users pointing the users towards Slacker Radio, which the company says powered the Milk Music in the first place.

However it is worth noting that Slacker Radio is ad supported and it also offers Pro subscription and Premium subscription at $3.99 per month and $9.99 per month respectively. We hope that Samsung will allow the users to remove Milk Music first with it being pre – installed otherwise there goes 16 GB that the users won’t get back. Comment below and let us know about your experiences with the Milk Music app, whether you liked it or not, were you satisfied with its services or not.