Rocket League Dribbling its Way into Hardwood


It appears like Rocket League is bringing its explosive and exciting wares into a new battlefield, that is, the sports of basketball.

Rocket League has opted for flaunting its new game mode, physics-based cars slugging it out in a new-fangled basketball arena.

The March Madness is about to unfurl very soon and the Rocket League’s launching was just perfect.

Fans will be surely excited about this most recent announcement. Many comments were basically variants of “OMG”. One commenter summarizes the development with a couple of words, “Dude, basketball!!!” One commenter stated that the announcement compelled him to purchase the game.

Rocket League is fast becoming a potent force to reckon with in the rapidly-growing multiplayer gaming niche. The football version of the game was unveiled a year ago and bowled over the PlayStation 4 players black and blue. Fans were simply captivated with PC variant of Rocket League and all the free and for-pay DLC that is still available as of late.

Two new arenas were tossed in the game to make it more challenging and engaging. The game also flaunts a set of “lab” game modes, which enable players to modify the shape and size of the ball, gravity, the way cars and turbo moves, and among others.

The game also has its ice hockey version that was unveiled last winter, supplanting the conventional soccer ball with a heftier and more erratic puck.

It appears that the game calls for opposing players to drill in the ball into the net to score and this will surely requires some time to get the hang of the game. For sure the game will necessitate for new strategies since the game is played on a hard-court and not on a field.

The game may look simple but it comes with quiet intricate mechanics that can alter the gameplay with a minute tweak.

Source: cinemablend.com