Price Hiked For iPhones And iPads In Germany Over New Copyright Fees


Apple has been one of the biggest names in the world of technology, and they have been in the business for the past 40 years now. The company has truly been a giant when it comes to the world of hardware technology, and with the release of their iPhones, iPads and iPods, the company has truly changed the very perspective of the consumers towards how they perceive the technology to be. The company is known for their premium quality products which act as a means of showing off their status for the users. iPhones, when they were originally released, were expected to be for a certain kind of an audience – the ones who could afford them. However over the past few years the prices have been coming down due to contract based devices. In recent news, Germany has witnessed a rise in the prices of iPhones and iPads due to a new copyright fees that was recently introduced in the country.iphone6s-plus-box-rosegold-2015_GEO_US

According to popular website MacRumours, which keeps a track of all apple related news content, the change has come to effect already, and the prices of the iPhone 5s and above have gone up by 5 Euros each.

“The price increases are in line with Germany’s new copyright levies that manufacturers and importers must charge on purchases of recordable media devices. Reduced rates apply for Bitkom members, including Apple, in the amount of 5 euros for mobile phones and 7 euros for tablets. Non-members are required to charge fees of up to 6.25 euros per mobile phone and 8.75 euros per tablet.”

The iPad devices too, have seen a price rise, and the buyers based in Germany now have to shell up an additional 8 Euros in order to afford these devices from Apple. This has indeed been a small rise, and is not likely to affect any buyer decisions.