Pokémon GO Cheats: How To Catch Legendary Pokémons


While, recent reports have confirmed the inclusion of three legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in the Pokémon Go game files, the means and ways of catching the legendary Pokémon birds still remains a mystery. Fortunately, a recent post on social blogging site Twitter explained the step by step process with the help of which “Pokémon Go” players can catch the Legendary Birds.

According to the Twitter post, gamers will need to first collect “Legendary Feathers” to get a chance to play the legendary bird in Pokémon GO. But, before that, players will need to first approach their team leader and let the team leader ask them to investigate a legendary bird sighting. After the investigation is over, poke stops will yield Legendary Feathers associated with each team in “Pokémon Go.” The three different types of feathers are Fiery Feathers for Valor, Icy Feathers for Mystic and Lightning Feathers for Instinct, reported Parent Herald.

After collecting three Legendary Feathers, the player will be required to deliver the feathers to one of the poke gyms their team has conquered to initiate a battle between a Legendary Bird. The battle will yield candies for the Pokemon used in the fight. On winning the battle, the team leader will give a special Pokeball to the player which will be used to catch the Legendary Bird. The special Pokeball will be named after the player’s team. So, there will be different poke balls- Team Valor Ball, Team Instinct Ball or Team Mystic Ball. The special thing about the Pokeball is that it will have a 100 percent catch rate to capture the legendary bird which got defeated in the battle, reported GameNGuide.

It is to be noted that all the three legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres will have a Combat Power of 1500 and there will be no ways to get candies for the Birds in “Pokémon Go.”