Oil Industry Knew Climate Change Was Coming since 1968 but Kept it a Secret


1968 was a simple time full of love, peace, and happiness – and an end to a traumatic war. People aren’t even informed about climate change and its effect on everything on Earth.

But a newly revealed literature from the U.S. said that he oil industry have long known about climate change and what it does, which was decades earlier before people realized it was already happening.

The Center for International Environmental Law gathered the literature when they were conducting the four-year research, which became one of the most intriguing documents revealed from 1968. The literature includes questions directed to the American Petroleum Institute on how they can successfully reduce carbon emissions from the oil industry.

Sadly, they are not the only one. The documents suggests that other American oil firms are fully aware of the sickening effects that fossil fuel emissions would do to the world temperature – which is now termed “global warming” and “climate change”.

CIEL President Carroll Muffett said, “There are numerous points along this path where the industry was on notice that this was a rising risk.”

“(In 1968), you have two paths in front of you. One is to respond to this rising risk, notwithstanding the continuing uncertainty, or the alternative is to try to discredit the science. And I think history has shown what path they chose.”

They find it interesting that the history of fossil fuels and the attempt to control its carbon footprint was traced back to post-war era in 1946. Back then, the API set up a “Smoke and Fumes Committee” in Los Angeles. Ten years after in 1957, Humble Oil, now known as ExxonMobil, pinpointed to fossil fuel burning as the primary culprit to increasing carbon emissions in our planet’s atmosphere. Furthermore, Stanford Research Institute meteorologist Elmer Robinson said in 1968 that rising carbon emissions “may be the cause of serious worldwide environmental changes.” Considering that climate change is still not felt at that time, and this is the result of their findings.

Experts believe that this small piece of literature proves that the oil industry is fully aware of climate change which could have been avoided and greatly reduced if they did something back in the days.

Gretchen Goldman, lead analyst of the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said that “These new studies push the timeline back for when we have evidence that the fossil fuel industry knew about climate change.”

“It’s remarkable to see them have this sophisticated a position this early.”

Source: Modern Readers