Now You Can Watch Vevo Videos on Android, Apple TV


Vevo is vent on bringing more fun and delight with its new Android app. For folks who aren’t outgoing, the music video platform comes with a built-in tvOS app for Apple TV.

According to a statement essayed by Vevo CEO Erik Huggers: “Artists and audiences deserve great music video experiences, whether on mobile devices or connected TVs.”

The service is now downloadable through Google Play Store and allows users to opt for their well-liked singers by making their “Spotlight” feed. Users are cinched to discover an assortment of curated playlists and videos that are built according to their preferences. From here, the app makes a playlist named as “My First Playlist,” giving users with quick access to the music they are fond of. Users could discover their favorite artists as well via “Favorites” section, and select the “New for You” discovery feature in the Spotlight feed every Monday for videos to look into based on their preferences.

Every time users employ the app, it discerns more about their likings and make adjustments as much as possible. Users can also add and change manually their favorites and make and alter playlists.

The Vevo experience is the same on Apple TV, but with extra features. Spotlight autoplays or use remote to look for videos by genre or individual artist. Since the platform is seamless, users can be able to access their favorite songs on the big screen with zest and gusto.

Vevo made an announcement on August, 2013, about unfurling over 75,000 HD music videos, live concerts, and bevy of other original programming to its Apple TV. Not to be outdone, its rival Samsung had also rolled out it Smart TV app in the fall of 2013.

Apple TV users can set up the new tvOS program now in the Apple TV App Store and it’s also accessible for iOS.

YouTube-supported Vevo made its first presence in late 2009 with over 14,000 videos from 5,000-plus artists that sorted into 20 categories.

Source: pcmag.com