Non-Profit Group Shares Blessing by Building Tiny House for Homeless People


The world is continuously facing the growing number of homeless people living in the streets and starving. But a new movement initiated by a non-profit group called “Fit for a King Tiny House” with the aim of building tiny house for homeless people.

Volunteers are already growing and they hope that the first tiny house prototype will become successful. If so, then the initiate will be launched in bigger number to help more people and the federal government as well. The organization created an event on Facebook to invite more volunteers who will help construct the house from scrap lumber and donated construction materials, which will become a portable tiny house only suitable for one person.

The group started the construction of the first prototype on January 15 and is expected to end on January 18. They used a flat bed two truck to make the house portable, and will serve as a temporary abode for the homeless. The tiny house has a size no more than 8 x 12 feet.

Lead coordinator and project brain William Hamilton called and brought together a team of residents from Charleston who is now working with the homeless to build the first tiny house.

Originally, the plan was to build the house on a parcel of land publicly owned by the South Carolina Department of Transportation. Unfortunately, the officials rejected their proposal but made a compromise that the construction will be built on January 18 with enough people. They were given approval to use the city-owned land at 342 North Nassau Street.

It was posted in their Facebook page that, “On Saturday, Jan 16 and Sunday, Jan 17 afternoon there will be donated materials pickups from local building supply stores.”

An continued, “You’ll be able to purchase needed materials we’re unable to scavenge or repurpose and we’ll load them on a truck and take them directly to the construction site. There will be no need for you to transport them in your vehicle. You make the purchase. We do the rest. We’ll also post needs on our Facebook event page.”

When the tiny house is complete, they plan to make an exhibit where the city and federal officials can inspect up close and study the tiny house which will be part of the Blue Ribbon Citizens Panel on Homelessness.

Source: Tech Times