New York Resident Builds Igloo During Storm, Lists It For $200 On AirBNB.


They say, make hay while the sun shines, but a New York resident actually made hay while a storm struck! In one of the most brilliant ‘silver lining’ moments, Patrick Horton, an advertising director in New York made an igloo during Stomr Jonas and listed it on AirBNB – the popular listing, renting and lodging website.

This storm was a major hit to the New York tourism industry, as well as disrupted the life as usual. Storm Jonas left a trail of destruction behind it.  At least 48 people have been reported dead, and several others have been injured or sick after the storm. However, Patrick Horton made the best out of this horrible situation as he made an igloo and listed it on AirBNB!

Patrick, like a true advertiser, highlighted the features of this igloo saying: “Boutique Winter Igloo for 2”. He then called it the “Snowpocalypse of 2016’s most desirable getaway.” As per the listing, it was “hand-crafted, and built using only natural elements.” True to his word, it was made of snow and water!

In another statement, Patrick told that it took him 3 hours to build the igloo and he listed it on AirBNB for $200!

However, in a new development, AirBNB has taken it down from their listings now. The company said that while the igloo was ‘very well constructed’, but it did not meet the sites requirements. These ‘requirements’ are having electricity, piped water, and a door.

On the bright side, if you happen to be an igloo enthusiast, do not lose hope! You can still live in an igloo on AirBNB if you happen to visit Sulzberg in Austria – and that too for nearly 1/4th of the price that Patrick had placed. The Austrian Igloo can be rented for a mere $59.