What It Takes to be one of NASA’s Astronauts? Apply Now!

Nasa launches hunt for new astronauts with YouTube video - Mirror ...

NASA just released a nerve-wrecking announcement that they are looking for new astronauts to work for the space agency! Starting December 14, scientists are welcome to have their applications sent to be in the next training class that comprises a group of scientists who will take part in much-awaited manned-mission to Mars, which will change the course of human history.

Becoming an astronaut is everyone’s dream, and being one is not a joke. They have the most respectable job of all humans, but the most life risk as well. But this should not hinder interested people from applying. They have a minimum requirement to have your application considered. First, applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in math, science, engineering, and/or other technology field. And second, you should have either three years of career experience related to this job field OR 1,000 hours logged as a jet aircraft pilot.

If you think you are qualified with this requirements, then Apply! Nothing and no one will stop you from doing so. Highly-qualified applicants, those with at least one advanced degree or a lot of experience piloting an aircraft, will be called for an extensive interview then will be brought for examination, and the last stage will be the physical testing process.

Without a joke, you should expect a rigorous selection process as NASA astronauts represent humanity in outer space. Expect a lot of people to apply. But take note that NASA has only had 300 astronauts in total. Yes, 300 over the course of the agency’s existence.

Last 2011, NASA posted a call for application that received more than 6,100 applicants that trimmed to only eight potential future astronauts to be part of their team. The agency has an acceptance rate of a little over 0.1 percent. Do remember that those who get in the cut for every selection phase will still need to undergo training, so application does not stop there.

But look at the brighter side of things – 0.1 percent chance is way better than no chance at all if you do not take the risk of applying. Everyone dreams of becoming an astronaut, or even experience the things that only they can see without using telescopes.

Who knows? You might be the next one with Earth as a background selfie or one of the few lucky humans to set foot to Mars. Always remember, dream big. As NASA says that “This could be you.”