Microsoft Top Management Speculated To Be Upset With Windows 10 Mobile:


Having been among some of the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology, Microsoft has been a true ‘giant’ in the software markets. The company, with the release of the Windows 10 OS and the Windows 10 Mobile OS has become a whole new force into the markets. Microsoft is now investing their time in creating the best Windows Phone experience for the users.

However, despite their hardest of efforts and best of tries, the Windows Phone Mobile division does not look like it is progressing in a positive direction, and the company is facing a hard time in pushing these devices into the markets.DSC01874

The acceptability of the Windows Phone devices running the Windows 10 Mobile OS is rather low, and Microsoft is expected to no longer expected to dig any deeper after the major losses that they have made. The company is basically losing out on the ‘perception games’. Microsoft’s losses have been piling up because the users have been rejecting these devices on the account of having less apps, as well as a very different UI.

It is now being reported that the top level management of Microsoft is rather upset with the way things are going on the Microsoft Mobiles division. The senior officials, as well as the investors are dissatisfied with the functioning of the division.

The investors feel that this is essentially throwing money down a drain, and that there are no returns in sight, even in the long run.

While this happens to be an unconfirmed report, the word in the markets is that Microsoft might soon be putting an end to the disaster that the Windows Phone division and the Windows 10 Mobile OS devices have been.

Microsoft didn’t even make any announcements around their Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile division during the entire Build 2016 event, and this might be a sign of things to come for the future. Is the company indeed looking forward to hit the killswitch on their mobile phone division?