Microsoft Surface Phone Price Revealed; To Run On 8GB RAM, 512GB Storage –


Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades in the recent past, and has been innovating the markets of technology with their operating systems and software technologies. The company is now working on innovating their offerings further with the release of the arrival of the Surface Phone.

The Surface Phone has been one of the most talked about yet rarely seen devices in the world of technology. The company has maintained a stunning silence every time the matters of Surface Phone are brought around, and the only statement that we have heard which surrounds this topic comes from Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela who said that there is a need of a ‘spiritual equivalent’ of the Surface series of devices in the company’s mobile phone division.New-Surface-Phone-Forbes-1200x645

However, there have never been any direct references. Rumors have earlier suggested that Microsoft is indeed making this device under the code name Juggernaut Alpha, and the company is now working towards updating the device. The Surface Phone price and specs details have now been revealed via Reddit insiders –

  • The Surface Phone is expected to come out in three variants: 4GB RAM along with 32GB storage space, 6GB RAM along with 128GB Storage space, and the last one is quite the mammoth as it comes out with 8GB of RAM with 512GB of storage space.
  • The pricing details of the surface mobile devices are quite ambiguous and it has been noted that it can vary between $799 to $1099 depending on the configuration that a user chooses.

The device has been anticipated to release in the month of October, alongside the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 devices. Microsoft has been updating the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices from time to time, and has been setting the stage for the grand arrival of this Surface Phone.