Microsoft clamps down on ‘terrorism content’


Acts of terrorism is sowing fear in all four corners of the world and it is indeed great to know that Microsoft is doing its share on stopping it with its new policy.

Technology giant Microsoft has just disclosed a new policy to get rid of “terrorist content” from its consumer-related services that are offered online.

The company stated that material providing backing a terrorist organization or its acts or that enticed people to join terrorist group would be barred.

The new policy will cover services like the Outlook webmail and Xbox Live.

In addition, Microsoft stated that it will make its search engine, Bing, to be not biased and would not get rid of terror-linked search results save for it is needed to by law.

The company quipped: “Societies, acting through their governments, ought to draw the line between free speech and limitations relating to particular types of content.”

The company is mulling over adding “links to positive messaging and alternative narratives” to search results that are linked to terrorism.

The company persuaded people to report terror-linked content on Microsoft services through its website but stated that it lingered to come up with a technology that could be able to scan documents, photos, video and audio to recognize potential terror-linked material.

The company stated in a blog post that terrorism had “sparked intense discussion” about how companies should deal with such content on their online services. The company went on, “We have a responsibility to run our various internet services so that they are a tool to empower people, not to contribute, however indirectly, to terrible acts.”

The company also said that it yearn to “respect timeless values such as privacy, freedom of expression and the right to access information”.

Microsoft has made the first step; hopefully, other companies will also do the same.


Source: BBC