Marijuana Use In The US Has Doubled Since 2001

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A news study has found out that the consumption of marijuana in the United States (US) has doubled since the year 2001. The reason for more usage of the drug could be attributed to the current laws in the US regarding the drug which have become considerably more tolerant.

The study has also stated that the proportion of adults consuming and abusing the drug has increased almost twice between the year 2001 and 2013.

The researchers also said that the rise in marijuana use and dependency was because of the overall increase in new users, the already existing marijuana users although experienced an almost 15% decline in disorders related to marijuana.

According to the study, around 4% of adults between the year 2001 and 2002 have reported the consumption of marijuana in the past year and almost 10% users were reported having used marijuana in the year 2012 and 2013.

In the same order, around 1.5% people reported the marijuana abuse and related disorder between the year 2001 and 2002 in comparison to almost 3% marijuana use and disorder which was reported between the year 2012 to 2013.

Lead author of the study, Columbia University, New York’s Deborah Hasin said, “What was quite clear is the prevalence of use among adults had more than doubled.”

In order to reach the findings, the researchers compared data from personal interviews with more than 43,000 people in the United States between the year 2001 and 2002 to the data accumulated of over 36,000 people accumulated between the year 2012 and 2013.

United States has become more tolerant towards the drug than it was before. Around 23 states in US allow the use of medical marijuana and around four states also allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The findings of the research were published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

Source: reuters