Mafia 3 Update, Review, Gameplay And Details


Mafia 3, the latest entry in the Mafia series has arrived today for PC, PS4, and XboxOne. The developer has changed since the earlier Mafia update. The Gameplay has also undergone a change.

Mafia 3 Review

Mafia 3 was expected to up the ante from the earlier update, Mafia 2. Mafia 3 starts with a strong and powerful character of Lincoln Clay. Mafia III lets you get to business right away. Players control Lincoln Clay in an ongoing heist.

Mafia III first episode has several flashbacks that will give gamers more back-story to the primary story of mafia 3. It also acts as a tutorial for new players.

As Lincoln Clay Players have a kill list to take down a criminal empire. Mafia 3 has many side mission that helps the player to reach the main target. After a while, the side missions start becoming annoying.

Mafia 3 packs repetitive missions which may be enjoyable in the beginning but the fun quickly fades away. The lack of mission varieties are not the only issues with Mafia 3. The game crashes a few times.

Graphically also Mafia 3 is not extraordinary. The enemies may appear with same faces, cars are also not a threat to eye either.

Mafia 3 PC Capped at 30 FPS

Mafia 3 for PC players is nothing short of a joke. It is like developers are telling the PC gamers that they don’t care about them. Mafia III for PC runs at 30 FPS. Although a Mafia 3 patch is available for PC gamers for unlimited frames per second, PC gamers will surely not be kind with initial 30 FPS Mafia 3.

Mafia III will swoop the gamers of their feet with its amazing music. Mafia 3 has some amazing tracks from the 60’s. The music adds authenticity to Mafia 3 gameplay as it is set in the 1960’s.as reported in This gen gaming.

Is Mafia 3 Worth It?

Mafia 3 is a letdown with its repetitive missions and bugs. It has some great setting and fantastic soundtracks. Hopefully, the developers will soon fix the problems and make Mafia 3 worth the time and money.