At Least 250 Sick Amid Norovirus Outbreak Linked To Donut shop in Ohio


At least 250 people have fallen ill after a norovirus outbreak in Toledo area, Ohio. According to reports, health officials have linked the virus outbreak to a doughnut shop in a suburban area.

Commenting on the outbreak, Health Commissioner Eric Zgodinski, of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Health Department met with the media on Thursday and said that the Mama C’s Donuts & Coffee in Maumee, OH has been closed.

The Health Commissioner added that the owner of the joint voluntarily closed the shop on Tuesday after health officials notified them of the illness among the customers, according to reports.

Reports also said that the victim count till Thursday morning had reached at least 214. By the time the Health Commissioner met the reporters, the count was “closer to 24”, according to reports.

Zgodinski said that he is not aware of any secondary infections caused by the norovirus which means that the new people who had fallen sick amidst the outbreak did not do so after coming in contact with other outbreak victims.

Reports state that owner of the doughnut shop are cooperating fully with the health inspectors and are working on deep cleaning the joint. Zgodinski added that the doughnut makers have also hired a professional cleaning company to do the job.

The health department will reportedly inspect the joint once the cleaning is done and the joint can only resume operations if the officials give them a green signal to go ahead with it. The health commissioner said that the joint could open on Friday.

The Ohio health department became aware of the norovirus outbreak after local hospitals notified the officials about a number of people who complained of certain symptoms after eating Mama C’s food. The patients showed up at clinics from August 4 to August 7.

Source: FoodSafetyNews