Is Yanxi Palace true story?

The story is set during the reign of the Qing emperor Qianlong (1735–1796), a fictional tale of revenge about one of his concubines, Wei Yingluo 魏璎珞, posthumously known as Empress Xiaoyichun 孝仪纯, and mother of the succeeding Emperor Jiaqing.

Where was Yanxi filmed?

Hengdian World Studios

Story of Yanxi Palace
Production location Hengdian World Studios
Running time 45 mins (TVCs times included for Vietnam)
Production companies Huanyu Film iQiyi

How old is Yingluo?

But two years after starring as whip-smart palace-maid-turned-Empress Wei Yingluo, the 29-year-old actress has failed to find the same success with her subsequent roles.

Is Fuca fuheng a real person?

Fuheng (Chinese: 傅恒; pinyin: Fùhéng; Manchu: ᡶᡠᡥᡝᠩ, Möllendorff: fuheng, Abkai: fuheng; Burmese: ဖူဟင်း; 1720 – July 1770), courtesy name Chunhe (春和), was a Qing Dynasty official from the Manchu Fuca clan and the Bordered Yellow Banner of the Eight Banners, and was a younger brother of the Empress Xiaoxianchun.

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Did Erqing sleep with the emperor?

While the show builds him up to the result of Er Qing’s treacherous night with the Emperor Qianlong, he is actually the offspring of Er Qing and Fu Heng’s brother (who has a reduced number scenes and is inexplicably upset with Fu Heng all the time, but we guess this storyline explains it).

Who was Yingluo?

Wei Yingluo, played by Wu Jinyan. Based on the real-life consort of Emperor Qianlong (Nie Yuan) and played by actress Wu Jinyan, Wei is the show’s protagonist. She comes from a poor Han Chinese family and entered the court serving Qianlong’s first wife, the empress Fucha, with whom the ruler had a loving relationship.

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