Is Yanagisawa a good saxophone?

Yanagisawa has always been known for their craftsmanship, reliability and value. They are among the best saxophones in the world and are also the best BUILT saxophones in the world having perfected the art of manufacturing a saxophone by providing unparalleled consistency.

How do you know what size mouthpiece for a saxophone?

The Saxophone Mouthpiece (and Clarinet Mouthpiece) Tip Size, or Tip-Opening, is the distance between the reed and mouthpiece tip. This number is usually on the side of the mouthpiece body, or on the table. The smaller the tip size the more narrow the opening; the larger the tip size the larger the opening.

Do all mouthpieces fit all saxophones?

Mouthpieces are interchangeable, so most of them will fit any neck. Even if the mouthpiece is a little too loose or too tight, the cork can be easily shaved or replaced, so you can choose any mouthpiece you like.

Where are Yanagisawa saxophones made?

Yanagisawa saxophones are handmade in Japan and are some of the finest saxophones ever to be built. However, as they are a specialty sax maker, they rely on specialty sax shops to get customers to experience the awesomeness of their saxophones.

Does Conn Selmer own Yanagisawa?

Our Brands Conn-Selmer manufactures and distributes its products under a variety of well-known brand names, including Armstrong, Vincent Bach, C.G. Conn, Henri Selmer Paris, Holton, King, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, Scherl & Roth, Selmer and Yanagisawa instruments.

How do I choose a sax mouthpiece?

Choosing a Saxophone Mouthpiece Fashioned with a medium length facing curve and a medium-to-medium close tip opening, saxophonists often use a harder reed to focus their sound when using these mouthpieces. Typically made of ebonite, popular mouthpieces include the Selmer Paris S80 and S90 Series, E.

What mouthpiece did Bobby Keys use?

Berg Larsen Vintage Stainless Steel Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. The very first Berg Larsen Metal mouthpiece for Tenor Sax, in it’s entire originality in shape and sound, Berg Larsen “VINTAGE” from early 1950s. Gato Barbieri, Pete Christlieb, Jay Corre, Bobby Keys, legendary Lenny Pickett, and Sonny Rollins.