Is WhatsApp closing down in 2021?

WhatsApp has shared a list of devices that will no longer support the WhatsApp messaging app starting November 1, 2021. In general, these will be Android phones that are running on Android 4.0. 3 or lower, and Apple iPhones that are running on iOS 9 or older.

Which phones will WhatsApp stop working on in 2022?

In 2022, the app will supposedly cease to function on over 50 iPhones and Android handsets. The iPhone 6S, iPhone SE, Samsung Galaxy phones, Sony Xperia M, HTC Desire 500, LG Optimus F7, and many others are among the devices on the list. WhatsApp will soon stop working on phones running Android 4.1 and older.

Is WhatsApp going to stop working in November?

From Monday (November 1), messaging platform WhatsApp will stop working on a number of Android (Google’s mobile software) devices as well as Apple-made iOS devices. The users who have not backed their chats also risk of losing it when the company implements the change.

Will I lose WhatsApp?

Many older generation Android smartphones and iPhones are still in use but they won’t be able to use the world’s most used and popular chit-chat platform starting November 1, 2021. In a nutshell, these will be Android phones that are running on Android 4.0.

Which phones will not support WhatsApp from 1st November 2021?

Here is a tentative list that WhatsApp has shared for a few devices that will cease to support Whatsapp from 1 November 2021.

  • iPhone SE.
  • iPhone 6S.
  • Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite.
  • Galaxy Trend II.
  • Galaxy SII.
  • Galaxy S3 mini.
  • Galaxy Xcover 2.
  • Galaxy Core.

Why is WhatsApp going to be banned?

WhatsApp banned 2 million accounts between 15 May and 15 June, company says in compliance report. The Facebook-owned company clarified that more than 95 percent of such bans are due to the unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging.

Why is WhatsApp stopping?

The Facebook-owned app is set to stop support for older phones around the world on November 1, 2021. It will cease to function on up to 43 different smartphone models as it shifts the requirements for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Is iPhone going away?

Top analyst and long-time industry insider Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple expects to replace the iPhone in just 10 years – by 2032. In its place would be an AR device – that’s augmented reality.

Which phones will stop using WhatsApp in 2021?

According to the app’s providers: “WhatsApp will end support for phones with Android 4.0. 4 or earlier as of November 1, 2021. “We recommend switching to a compatible device or saving your chat history before that date.”

Is WhatsApp stopping in November 2021?

iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy SII are among the phones that will stop supporting Whatsapp from 1 November. According to latest media reports, Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp shall stop being supported by some Android and Apple smartphones from November 2021.