Is Wallace silverware worth anything?

A five-piece place setting of Wallace Grand Baroque can be worth between $300 and $500.

Is Wallace silver plate real silver?

The new company, Wallace Brothers, produced silver-plated flatware on a base of stainless steel. (By 1879, Wallace Brothers was merged with R. Wallace and Sons Mfg. Co.)

What does sterling R mean on silverware?

925 is also a symbol for sterling. If the mark is: lion, symbol (town of Assay), R, Name or initials of maker, then it is British sterling silver. The letter “R” is a date indicator.

What are the most valuable sterling flatware patterns?

The 5 most valuable sought after sterling silver flatware…

  1. Grand Baroque by Wallace. The Grande Baroque sterling silver flatware is a pattern that is produced by Wallace Silversmiths.
  2. Repousse by Stieff.
  3. Francis 1st by Reed & Barton.
  4. Eloquence Sterling by Lunt.
  5. King Richard by Towle.

Is Wallace Sterling still in business?

Today, Wallace Silversmiths is now part of the Lifetime Brands family, who also manufacture Towle Silversmiths, Tuttle, International Silver, and produce the Gorham and Kirk Stieff sterling flatware patterns under license.

Is Wallace a good flatware brand?

Established in 1835, Wallace is renowned for exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Is Wallace sterling still in business?

Is 1835 R Wallace real silver?

“WALLACE, R. This business (Solid Silver Plated Ware and Cutlery) was established by R. Wallace in 1835; incorporated 1879.

What does 925 R mean on silver?

It means it is sterling silver plated with rose gold.

What is the most popular silver pattern?

The Most Popular Silver Patterns

  • Grand Baroque. by Wallace. It was first created in 1941 and is still active today.
  • Chantilly. by Gorham.
  • Old Master. by Towle.
  • Prelude. by International.
  • Rose Point. by Wallace.
  • Repousse. by Kirk Stieff.
  • Francis I. by Reed and Barton.
  • Royal Danish. by International.