Is TOPIK difficult?

When it comes to TOPIK-II it is really difficult to say if the changes will impact the test positively or negatively. Many things are still not very clear about TOPIK-II, like- what will be the passing scores for different levels and what will be the difficulty level of the essays.

Can I self study for TOPIK?

Self study is the key to success in TOPIK. No guide book or tutor will guarantee you success unless you self-study really well. You just need to have all the previous TOPIK papers and answer sheets, analyse the question patterns, prepare vocabulary and grammar lists and start studying.

Is TOPIK 1 easy?

Structure of TOPIK I TOPIK I is the beginner level, which we will be talking about today. This one is for beginners, those who have been learning the language and have a vocabulary between 800 to 2000 words. TOPIK I is a 100 minute long exam, and consists of reading and listening sections.

What is a good TOPIK score?


Examination Level Level Pass Mark
TOPIK I Level 1 Over 80 points
Level 2 Over 140 points
TOPIK II Level 3 Over 120 points
Level 4 Over 150 points

Can I take topik test online?

Registration process of TOPIK in India is completely online but the exam is conducted in offline mode only. Registration fee for TOPIK I test is Rs. 1000 and for TOPIK II it’s Rs. 1300.

How long does it take to study TOPIK?

It depends on your hard work and dedication for Korean language. If you devote around 6 hours of a day in learnig korean language then in 5 to 6 months you will be able to clear TOPIK 3 or may be 4.

What level language is Korean?

Learning a new language takes time….The languages that take the most (and least) time to learn, per the US Foreign Service.

Language Category
Arabic 4
Chinese 4
Japanese 4
Korean 4

Is there age limit for TOPIK?

As per EPS TOPIK 2022, the exam is conducted only once a year in 16 countries, and the age limit is 18 to 39.

Can I take TOPIK online?

If you are planning to take the TOPIK test in Korea, you can register for it Online. If you are living in any other country you will have to contact the Korean embassy, Korean Cultural Center or affiliate institutions.

Which job is best for Korean?

There is no doubt that South Korea is a highly developed country, offering good career opportunities but also high living costs….Top 10.

Profession Annual Salary
Ophthalmologist 104.2 milllion won
Physician 95 million won
Korean Medicine Doctor 92.23 million won
Upper Level Civil Servant 92.01 million won