Is there romance in Word of Honor?

Word of Honor is 36 episodes plus epilogue, with each episode being ~45minutes long, and the worst of the ableism lasts an entire arc. And as I said, while it is very romantic and emotional, there are very valid reasons to invest your time in other stories. Word of Honor is on YouTube, Youku, Rakuten Viki and Netflix.

Will there be a season 2 of Word of Honor?

Therefore, we expect Season 2 to release in early/mid-2022. Season 1 began production in July 2020 and was released in March 2021.

Is Word of Honor happy ending?

It’s pretty clear Xiao Chu wrote the script with the intention of a happy ending; there are a lot of hints buried that her official ending was a happy one. But when the script was filmed, the production team prepared an open-ish ending and a sad ending as well for the NRTA.

What book is Word of Honor based on?

Faraway Wanderers
Word of Honor (TV series)

Word of Honor (A Tale of the Wanderers)
Chinese 山河令
Mandarin shānhé lìng
Genre Adventure, Dangai, Soulmates, Historical, Mystery, Wuxia
Based on Faraway Wanderers by Priest

Is Word of Honor BL or bromance?

If you are into Chinese boys’ love (BL) dramas, Word Of Honour is the latest series that’s been picked up by Netflix. The sleeper blockbuster first premiered on Youku in February and is also available on YouTube.

Is Word of Honor popular in China?

A period drama series with no recognisable stars, Word of Honor is one of the biggest sleeper hit TV series in China this year. The 36-part series racked up over 1.2 billion views when it was exclusively broadcast on Youku from February to March.

Is Your Honor Cancelled?

Your Honor: No Season Two; Showtime TV Series Ending Next Sunday. The end is near for Michael Desiato. Showtime has confirmed that Your Honor will indeed end next Sunday so, there won’t be a second season.

Who is Wen kexing father?

Novel Difference The events of Rong Xuan occurred thirty years ago, long before Wen Kexing was born, therefore Wen Ruyu and Gu Miaomiao went into isolation and had Wen Kexing outside of the valley, raising him in a small farm village among other boys while teaching him literature and martial arts.

Is The Untamed censored?

Unlike The Untamed, which does not feature any of the explicit sexual content between the two male main characters that is central to the source material, the Mo Dao Zu Shi English-language edition will not be censored, and is rated 17+ for violence, language, and sex. #MXTX trio are going official in ENGLISH!!!

Does Netflix have BL?

You’d be glad to know that Netflix has a whole lineup of BL and LGBT romance of these shows. The concept first originated in Japan and Thailand but became actually popular when Netflix aired some of the best BL shows for its international viewers.