Is there gold in the Dragoon Mountains?

In the Turquoise district, 14 miles east of Tombstone, on east side of the Dragoon mountains 18 miles north of Bisbee, there are numerous mines with gold finely distributed in slope gravels, this are had a total production, between 1908-55, of 70,000 ounces.

Is there buried treasure in Arizona?

The La Esmeralda Church Treasure – is several tons of gold bars, as well as silver and gold church relics. It is believed to be buried approximately six miles southwest of the old San Xavier del Bac Mission. The treasure may be in a cave along the south ridge of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Is there gold on Mt Graham?

Historic Mining Records (USGS) Graham has 329 identified mines listed in The Diggings™. The most commonly listed primary commodities in Graham mines are Copper , Silver , and Gold .

Is there any buried treasure in Texas?

Stories of buried treasure and hidden riches abound in Texas, from gold in the Guadalupe Mountains to pirate caches at the bottom of the boat-filled waters of Galveston Bay. But most casual hunters aren’t after gold ingots and undiscovered mines; they are focused on finding coins and other small artifacts.

Is there gold in the Huachuca Mountains?

There are several gold claims on the SE side canyons of the Huachuca Mountains where local clubs go to pan for gold. One gold nugget that was on display at a bank in Bisbee was said to be the largest nugget found in Arizona and it was found in the Huachuca Mountains.

How were the Dragoon Mountains formed?

The mountains formed during the Cordilleran Uplift in Mesozoic time, approximately 65 million to 150 million years ago. The Dragoons stand as an eroded remnant of long ago volcanic activity, the rock formations consisting of highly weathered granite and basalt.

Was the Lost Dutchman Mine ever found?

For more than a century, adventurous souls have sought the Lost Dutchman Mine, and since 1891, more than a hundred people have claimed to find it. But the mine remains shrouded in mystery, so much so that it might not exist at all.

Where is gold found in Arizona?

Much of the active placer gold mining in Arizona is around the town of Wickenburg. Areas of high gold potential are located north of Wickenburg in Yavapai county, and south-southwest in Maricopa county.

Is there gold in Texas creeks?

The majority of the gold in this area seems to come from the Llano Uplift. This is undoubtedly the richest area in Texas for an amateur prospector, but nearly all of the small creeks that flow from the Llano River have some amount of gold in them.