Is there any oil wells in Pennsylvania?

Overview. While most of the attention on the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania has focused on the massive, unconventional well pads in recent years, there are hundreds of thousands of conventional wells in the state, and over 100,000 of those are still considered active.

How many oil and gas wells are there in PA?

An estimated 350,000 conventional oil and gas wells have been drilled in Pennsylvania over the years (most of which were plugged and abandoned as their useful lives came to an end), compared to the current total of more than 11,000 unconventional wells.

Does Pennsylvania Drill for oil?

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of commercial oil production, thanks to Colonel Edwin L. Drake. Drake drilled the first well specifically intended to produce oil in Titusville, Pa., in 1859.

How many fracking wells are in PA?

As of May 1, 2017, Pennsylvania had 129,587 active oil and gas wells of which 10,097 active wells—7.7 percent—were unconventional wells with hydraulic fracturing. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.

Where is the most fracking in Pennsylvania?

While gas production has expansive hotspots in the northeastern and southwestern portions of the state, the liquid production comes from a much more limited geography. Eighty percent of all condensate production came from Washington County, while 87% of all fracked oil came from wells in Mercer County.

How big is fracking in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, since 2008, about 12,400 gas-fracking wells have popped up in about half of the state, in the northeastern, northcentral and southwestern parts. A majority of the wells have been on private land, but considerable drilling also is occurring under state lands.

What companies are fracking in Pennsylvania?

Top Operators

Range Resources Appalachia Llc 960 wells
Eqt Production Co 490
Cabot Oil & Gas Corp 489
Swepi Lp 478
Talisman Energy Usa Inc 458