Is the Procaster a condenser mic?

The first thing to note with the Rode Procaster is that, unlike many mics you see aimed at speech, it’s actually a dynamic mic rather than a condenser.

Is rode a Procaster XLR?

RODE Procaster Microphone Features: Dynamic mic with XLR connection.

Is Rode Procaster good for music?

Rode Procaster is a relatively inexpensive broadcast microphone, which yet offers professional quality sound. It has a very smooth and manageable response, which makes it ideal for recording.

Does the Rode Procaster mic need phantom power?

The other thing is that the Rode Procaster requires phantom power. It means that this microphone requires another device that provides a power source to this. The Rode Caster Pro has an advanced setting that you can quickly turn on phantom power.

What is a Rode Procaster?

The Procaster Broadcast-Quality Dynamic Microphone from Rode is designed for capturing speech in broadcast radio, voice-over recording, podcasts, and similar applications. It features a tight cardioid polar pattern and tailored frequency response that result in optimum speech reproduction without off-axis noise.

What do you need to use a Rode Procaster?

You will need a boom arm or mic stand to use the Rode Procaster. It definitely isn’t a mic that should be hand-held. You can mount it to a mic stand using the Rode RM2, which usually comes in the box with the Procaster as standard.

What is a rode Procaster?

Does rode PodMic come with XLR cable?

This Rode PodMic Kit from B&H includes the Rode PodMic dynamic podcasting microphone with a foam windscreen, an O.C. White broadcast arm with integrated XLR cable, a Senal XU-1648 USB audio interface for Mac/Windows, and Senal SMH-1000 professional studio monitor headphones with a coiled cable and a straight cable.

Can you connect USB mic to RODECaster pro?

There’s one big catch, though: for now, you can only do this with one model of USB microphone — Rode’s $99 NT-USB Mini. You can think of the app as a virtual version of Rode’s $599 hardware mixer, the Rodecaster Pro, which allows you to plug in multiple XLR microphones, play audio clips, and record locally.

When was the Rode Procaster released?

Podcasting innovation In 2018, RØDE released the RØDECaster Pro, an “integrated podcast production studio”. It features several components typically found in professional broadcast studios, including a mixer with microphone inputs and headphone outputs, sound pads, and channels for integrating remote callers.

Can you connect USB mic to Rodecaster Pro?