Is the governing vessel meridian yin or yang?

The Governing Channel is also known as the “Sea of Yang Meridians” because it is said to govern and connect to all the Yang channels. The Governing Channel is also responsible for increasing all the Yang energy in the body and for nourishing the five ancestral organs, including the brain and spinal cord.

What element is the governing vessel?

The Governing Vessel (Du Mai) and Qigong Practice (3) The branches of the Du Mai enter both the heart—associated with the fire element—and the kidneys—associated with the water element.

Which meridians are yin?

In total, there are three yin meridians (heart, lung, and pericardium) and three yang meridians (small intestine, large intestine, and sanjiao) of the arm, as well as three yin meridians (liver, kidney, spleen) and three yang meridians (urinary bladder, gall bladder, and stomach) of the leg.

What is Conception Vessel meridian?

The Ren Mai or Ren Meridian — also known as the Conception Vessel — is a channel of life-force energy (Qi) within the subtle body, that is used in qigong and acupuncture practice.

What is the governor vessel?

The Du Mai (Governor Vessel), enters the Brain and is directly connected to the Brain with spine, uterus and perineum and connect other Zangfu organs through the three branches: Kidney, head, eyes, umbilicus, nose, throat and Heart. They are all connected to each other and complete the common physiological functions.

What is the function of the governing vessel?

The Governing Vessel is the first energy current which develops after conception. It serves to govern the development of the other meridians, chakras, organs and the rest of the body’s physiology. The spine itself is the material manifestation of this governing vessel energy.

Which meridian is on the big toe?

The two meridians of note when it comes to the big toes are the liver and spleen meridians.

Where is the governing meridian?

The Governing Meridian runs up the centre of your body from your coccyx (lower back) over the top of your head to beneath your nose. It supports many of your body and energy functions, specifically the Yang functions of strengthening the body, clearing the mind and stabilising the spirit.

What is Governor meridian?

It consists of a series of acupuncture points located along the entire length of the spine. This meridian governs the Qi of all Yang meridians — related to the heart, lung, kidney, stomach, and brain — therefore, it is also known as the Sea of Yang channels. Governor Vessel Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy.

What is Ren Mai?

The Ren Mai, also called the Conception Vessel or the Directing Vessel, originates between the kidneys, flows down (through the uterus in women) to the perineum, and then runs up the midline of the front of the body to the mouth.