Is subduction a destructive force?

A convergent boundary (also known as a destructive boundary) is an area on Earth where two or more lithospheric plates collide. One plate eventually slides beneath the other, a process known as subduction.

What is another word for subduction zone?

What is another word for subduction?

subtraction deduction
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Why are subduction zones called destructive?

Destructive plate margins A destructive plate margin usually involves an oceanic plate and a continental plate. The plates move towards one another and this movement can cause earthquakes. As the plates collide, the oceanic plate is forced beneath the continental plate. This is known as subduction .

How do you describe a subduction zone?

The subduction zone is the place where two lithospheric plates come together, one riding over the other. Most volcanoes on land occur parallel to and inland from the boundary between the two plates.

What is a destructive boundary?

Destructive plate boundaries At a destructive plate boundary (also called convergent boundaries) two plates move towards another. One plate is then pushed underneath the other. (It is the heavier plate that is forced beneath the lighter plate).

Why is it called destructive boundary?

A destructive plate boundary is sometimes called a convergent or tensional plate margin. This occurs when oceanic and continental plates move together. The oceanic plate is forced under the lighter continental plate. Friction causes melting of the oceanic plate and may trigger earthquakes.

What is the opposite of a subduction zone?

Convergent boundaries are areas where plates move toward each other and collide. These are also known as compressional or destructive boundaries. Subduction zones occur where an oceanic plate meets a continental plate and is pushed underneath it.

What’s it called when one plate goes under another?

In some cases, however, a convergent plate boundary can result in one tectonic plate diving underneath another. This process, called “subduction,” involves an older, denser tectonic plate being forced deep into the planet underneath a younger, less-dense tectonic plate.

What is destructive zone?

A destructive plate boundary happens where an oceanic and continental plate move towards each other. The heavier, more dense oceanic plate is forced under the continental plate. As it sinks below the continental plate the oceanic plate melts due to friction in the subduction zone. The crust becomes molten called magma.

What is a subduction zone quizlet?

Subduction Zone. The region where an oceanic plate sinks down into the asthenosphere at a convergent boundary, between continental and oceanic plates.

How do subduction zones cause earthquakes?

At subduction zones, the oceanic plate is pushed down, or subducted, below the continental lithosphere. As the oceanic slab descends, earthquakes are generated within the slab and at the interface between the plates.