Is Stockport biggest town in Europe?

Stockport is a large town in Greater Manchester, England, 7 miles (11 km) south-east of Manchester city centre, where the rivers Goyt and Tame merge to create the River Mersey. It is the largest town in the metropolitan borough of the same name….Population change.

Year Pop. ±% p.a.
1921 123,309 +1.27%
1931 125,490 +0.18%

Is Stockport the biggest town in the UK?

Stockport is one of the biggest towns in Britain – but could it be a city? The borough has a population of around 280,000 and is well known for its iconic and unusual attractions, such as the viaduct and the Hat Works, as well, of course, as its football team.

Is Stockport poor?

STOCKPORT has one of the largest gaps between rich and poor anywhere in England. STOCKPORT has one of the largest gaps between rich and poor anywhere in England.

What did Stockport used to be called?

It was that market that gave Stockport its name: first recorded as Stokeport in 1170, from the Old English stoc, a market place and port, a hamlet; hence, a market place at a hamlet. There was a castle here by 1173, situated where Castle Yard is now, and the market grew up around it.

Is Stockport bigger than Manchester?

The largest settlements (in descending order of population) within the Greater Manchester Built-up Area are Manchester, Bolton, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Salford, and Bury.

Is Stockport a nice place to live?

Not only is Stockport a convenient home for commuters, it is a family-friendly town and has many good fee-paying and state schools to choose from, among many highly rated by Ofsted. “And, if visiting the countryside if your thing, Lyme Park is close by as are the windswept landscapes of the Peak District,” Peter says.

Is Stockport a safe place to live?

Unsurprisingly in third place, due to its proximity to first place, is Stockport situated in Greater Manchester. The research found the district is one of the safest areas to live in the UK, with a safety score of 79 out of 100, predominantly due to its high street-light expenditure, low crime and flood risks.

Is Stockport bigger than Bolton?

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Greater Manchester Built-up Area
Largest settlements (Pop. 100,000+) Manchester Bolton Sale Rochdale Stockport Salford
Population (2011 census)
• Total 2,553,379

Why is Stockport called Stockport?

The name Stockport was derived from two Saxon words: STOC – a stockaded place or castle, and PORT – a wood. Literally, a castle in a wood. There is sufficient evidence that a stronghold existed in the vicinity in ancient British times as well as early Roman times.

What is the crime rate in Stockport?

This chart compares the crime rate in your local area to the average crime rate across the force area. It shows the total number of crimes over a twelve month period per thousand residents, for the crime type selected….About this chart.

Area Crime rate
Stockport 85.93
Bury 106.50
Wigan 110.07
Tameside 115.53