Is Star Citizen still on Kickstarter?

Squadron 42, a single-player game set in the same universe, was initially announced in the Kickstarter as an included campaign in Star Citizen, but is now intended to be a standalone product….

Star Citizen
Genre(s) MMOG Space trading and combat first-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer

How much did Star Citizen raised on Kickstarter?

Former Kickstarter Game ‘Star Citizen’ Has Now Raised $400 MILLION In Total. Kickstarter is where a lot of big-name games could start their journeys. And it is where “Star Citizen” began its story–a story that has gone on for almost a decade.

How much has Star Citizen raised to date?

$400 million
The developers of this video game have now raised over $400 million from fans for a game that is still not out and has now been in development for a decade.

How long has Star Citizen been in production?

Star Citizen began its pre-production in 2010, and officially entered full development in 2011.

What is the biggest Kickstarter ever?

Fantasy author’s publishing campaign is now the highest-funded Kickstarter ever

  • Brandon Sanderson’s publishing campaign is now the highest-funded project in Kickstarter history.
  • The campaign has secured more than $20.8 million from 84,600 backers in just three days.

What is the most funded Kickstarter?

In March 2015, Pebble’s second smartwatch project completed its crowdfunding and publicity run with 20.34 billion dollars raised in Kickstarter pre-order funding, becoming the most successful Kickstarter project as of July 2021.

How many planets will Star Citizen have?

324 planets
In total, there are 95 known star systems, consisting of 324 planets, 74 moons, 50 space stations and 76 asteroid formations, plus some even stranger sights.

What was the longest game in development?

The 10 Longest Development Times in Video Game History

  1. 1 Metroid Dread – 16 years.
  2. 2 Duke Nukem Forever – 15 years.
  3. 3 Mother III – 12 years.
  4. 4 Diablo III – 11 years.
  5. 5 Prey (2017) – 11 years.
  6. 6 Final Fantasy XV – 10 years.
  7. 7 Team Fortress Two – 9 years.
  8. 8 The Last Guardian – 9 Years.

How many people are developing Star Citizen?

six hundred people
The development team of Star Citizen consists of over six hundred people, working on making the game a reality in a distributed development process. From the west coast of the United States to Frankfurt, Germany, highly-skilled, passionate people toil, making breath-taking progress all the time.

What is the number 1 Kickstarter?

1) Pebble Time – $20,338,986 According to Business Insider, this updated version of Pebble’s smartwatch launched in 2015 and still holds the record for most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time.

What is the fastest Kickstarter?

The fastest-funded Kickstarter project of all time is the strategic card game, Exploding Kittens – which attracted $1.3 million in funding and almost 35,000 supporters in its first day alone.