Is SRM ramapuram worth joining?

The packages are pretty good. Average is around 3.6LPA and there are around 4000 students got placed. The tution is same as every other university and it’s definitely worth it at the main campus. Overall this college is definitely worth it among the private institutions.

Which is the best SRM campus in Chennai?

Kattankulathur Campus, Chennai The main campus at Kattankulathur consists of three colleges. Kattankulathur Campus also houses the SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Center and SRM Hostel.

Which is the best branch of SRM?

which is the best campus for srm university for CSE?? Hi, Chennai campus of SRM is the main campus and to get selected in this you will have you attain a rank within 10000 for CSE branch. All the best.

Is there any dress code in SRM?

Shoes and Socks. Hair beyond shoulder length to be tied up. Short shirts/ tops and low waist trousers exposing body parts….Code of Conduct.

Recommended for Boys Recommended for Girls
T-Shirts/ shorts Tight fitting dirty jeans
Tight fitting dirty jeans Torn trousers touching the floor,skirts,shorts

Is SRM ramapuram good for placements?

Placement – SRM Ramapuram | SRMIST Ramapuram. 100% Placement Record for the past 6 Academic years. An average of 200+ companies visiting every year.

Is SRM ramapuram good Quora?

If you look for glamour and fun,SRM Ramapuram is a no go. But if you really want to make something out of your life,while staying within the limits,SRM ramapuram is better. No matter which campus you study in, for placements you’ll have to come down to main campus (Kattankulathur).

Which is better VIT or SRM?

Currently SRM has approx 20,000 students population in Kattankulathur campus where VIT has 24,000 students population at Vellore Campus. SRM is ranked 36 among university rank under MHRD NIRF ranking than VIT is ranked top 18. VIT is also ranked No. 1 among Institutions under ARIIA 2019.

Which is better SRM ramapuram or VIT Chennai?

The international Collaborations and different Induction Programs help Faculties to build a strong education network with the globe. Well looking at the number of research/ patents and faculties Engagement programs, VIT University stands far ahead of SRM University.