Is Speidel still in business?

In coordination with the move, Speidel closed down its manufacturing operations and outsourced its workload. A portion of the production continued in Rhode Island with local manufacturing companies, and the balance moved overseas.

How do you change the band on a Speidel watch?

Alert Me Via Email!…Firmly pry the spring bar inwards toward the center of the strap and away from the case.

  1. Insert spring bar tip from the new watch band into the pinhole located on the inner side of the watch case lug.
  2. Use the tool to compress the spring bar on the opposite end and maneuver the band into position.

Are Speidel straps good?

Speidel Watch Straps – the WRUK verdict Overall, this is a decent strap. My usual strap supplier is WatchGecko, and I would compare it favourably to their straps in the same price range. That means that if you are in the USA these straps represent great value.

What happened to Speidel?

Speidel participated in the 20 July Plot to assassinate Hitler, and he was tasked with recruiting Rommel for the resistance. After the plot failed he was arrested by the Gestapo. At the end of the war, he escaped from Nazi prison and went into hiding for 2-3 weeks.

Where are Speidel watches manufactured?

Speidel is a manufacturer of watchbands and related items based in East Providence, Rhode Island, United States….Where are Speidel watches made?

Type Private

How long do Speidel watches last?

I bought the Speidel Scrub Watch because it’s marketed toward health care professionals and says it’s water-resistant up to 30m. I figured it would hold up at least a year, maybe longer. No. This watch lasted about 2 months before it started getting water droplets inside the watch face.

When was the Twist O Flex invented?

Though Speidel was very famous as an identification bracelet maker, the company is still best known as the manufacturer of the “Twist-O-Flex” watchband. Speidel introduced the Twist-O-Flex in 1959, after licensing the technology from its German inventor, Karl E. Stiegele.

When were stretch watch bands invented?

They introduced the flexible bracelet in 1959, when they had licensed it from it’s inventor, Karl E. Stiegele.

Who is Speidel?

During the early Cold War, Speidel emerged as one of the major military leaders of West Germany, and played a key role in German rearmament, Western international negotiations on defence cooperation and West German integration into NATO. He is thus regarded as one of the founders of the Bundeswehr.

Did Speidel make gold bracelets?

With an initial investment equivalent to $10 today, Speidel began his business by making gold and silver chains with his wife in the basement of his home in Pforzheim, Germany. Speidel is credited with developing the gold-over-metal method of manufacturing, also known as “bi-metal.”