Is Roadeo hardliner good?

The heavily treaded 27.5” tires were fast rolling as well as capable of handling rough surfaces. Priced at Rs. 13.650 (as on 27th Juner 2019) the Roadeo Hardliner 27.5 DD (2019) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a bicycle for flat trail rides and leisure rides on urban roads.

Is Hercules Roadeo a good cycle?

It is a good bicycle for any teenager who also wants to experience a bit of off-road cycling with features like the front suspension and disc brakes. All this at a very competitive price (Rs. 12,750) and a choice you wonŠ—Èt regret.

Which Hercules Roadeo is best?

Best Hercules Roadeo Bicycles in India:

  • Hercules Roadeo Hank. I really like this model and is one the best roadeo models you can buy online.
  • Hercules Roadeo NFS. Perfect bicycle for teens.
  • HERCULES Roadeo Rampage.
  • Roadeo A75.
  • Hercules Roadeo Hannibal.
  • Hercules Roadeo A250.
  • Hercules Roadeo A500.
  • Hercules Roadeo A100.

Is Roadeo a Hercules brand?

The Hercules itself is very reputed brand….Hercules Roadeo A375 26 T Mountain/Hardtail Cycle (21 Gear, Black)

Model Number 1FG320G0A50000A
Front Derailleur Geared Shimano
Shifters 21 Speed
Tire Nylon Black
Wheel Alloy

Which is the best Hercules cycle?

Top 10 Hercules Gear cycles in India:

  • Hercules Roadeo Hank: ₹ 10,300/- ₹ 11,200/- (Single Speed) ₹ 12,000/- ₹ 13,750/- (Geared)\-
  • Hercules A 50:₹ 14,650\-
  • Hercules A 750: ₹ 14,600 to ₹ 15,000\-
  • Hercules Fugitive 26T: ₹12,350\-
  • Hercules Havoc 26t: ₹10,500\-
  • Hercules Maddox: INR 15,000\-

Are Roadeo cycles good Quora?

They generally have sturdy frames, nice wheels and use good quality components. If you look after them, these bicycles will last for years. Of course, their bicycles are not made of the lightest and strongest material, but then at the price, they offer very good quality.

What is 26T in bicycle?

A 26 inch mountain bike means that the wheels have an internal diameter of 26 inches. This measurement is commonly used in reference to mountain bike. For example, a man who stands 5’8″ would be best suited for a 26-inch frame.

Is Hercules Indian company?

The Hercules Cycle and Motor Company Limited was a British bicycle manufacturer founded on 9 September 1910 in Aston in England. The name Hercules was chosen for its associations of durability and robustness.

Which cycle is best hero or Hercules?


  • Both cycles were almost neck to neck on braking and gear shifting IIRC.
  • I liked Hero more due to the aluminium frame.
  • Hercules did have a useful luggage carrier at the back (don’t know what they call it) and a more classic (read utdated) design.
  • Both bikes were below the Rs.

Which gear company is best?

Here’s the summary of the 10 Best Gear Bicycles for Men in India 2022.

  • HERO Sprint Flash 27.5T 21 Gears Road Bike.
  • Kross Xceed 27.5T 21 Gear MTB Bicycle.
  • Mach City iBike 26T 21 Gear Hybrid Bike.
  • HERCULES Roadeo Rampage Adventure Bike.
  • Schnell Smooth 700C 21 Gears Fat bike.
  • Tata Stryder Robusta 18 Gears MTB Bicycle.