Is Pokémon Masters EX a real Pokemon game?

Pokémon Masters EX (Japanese: ポケモンマスターズ EX), previously known as Pokémon Masters, is a free-to-start spin-off Pokémon game for iOS, iPadOS, and Android. It allows players to battle various Pokémon Trainers from the core series games. It was released worldwide on August 29, 2019.

Is there a chapter 30 in Pokémon Masters?

Chapter 30: The Road to Victory – PML Arc – Main Story – Pokémon Masters EX.

Is Pokémon Masters EX A Gacha game?

4. Paid Gacha. There are two types of gacha in Pokemon Master, namely Sync Pair Scout (regular gacha) and Daily Discount (paid gacha). A regular gacha requires 300 gems, while a paid gacha only requires 100 paid gems or gems that are only available in the Shop, the Purchase Gems.

Who is the current Pokémon Master?

Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum, the hero of the “Pokémon” animated series, has finally become a Pokémon Master after more than 20 years of adventures. Joined by his iconic partner Pikachu, Ash left home in the first episode of “Pokémon” with the dream of becoming a master Pokémon trainer.

How do you get mega Mewtwo in Pokémon Masters?

By collecting Mewtwo Crystals from the event, you can have Mewtwo become Mega Mewtwo Y after using Giovanni & Mewtwo’s Sync Move. Sync Pairs from the Kanto region get a strength bonus during this event, so we recommend training your Kanto Sync Pairs in preparation.

How many chapters are there in PML arc?

thirty chapters
From version 1.13. 0, the Main Story was separated into two arks, PML Arc with thirty chapters (also seven interludes), and Villain Arc, which is focused on different villainous teams from core series games.

How many chapters are there Pokemon masters?

Pokemon Masters Ex Adds Final Story Chapter New Sync Pairs When Pokemon Masters EX launched, the game had 18 story chapters for players to complete, and more have been added since launch. The story follows the players character on their quest to compete in the Pokemon Masters League.

Is gacha a Pokemon?

Yes, there is an official Pokémon gacha game on mobile. Pokémon Masters has you collecting sync pairs, which are combinations of your favourite trainers and Pokémon from the franchise’s history.

Is Pokemon go a gacha?

Unlike many of the other biggest revenue drivers on mobile, Pokémon GO does not use a gacha system or have players pay to skip wait timers or directly power up their Pokemon.

Is Ash finally a Pokémon Master?

Along the way, Ash has been competing in the World Coronation Series, a global Pokemon League that ranks every trainer in the world. Ash finally won his first Pokemon League Championship in Alola, but becoming the champion of the World Coronation Series is an entirely different challenge.